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"My Simmons Sea Skiff replica is quite a bit heavier than the original, so it needed a little lift to get it up to trim. Also, the boat is a bit tender and subject to listing under uneven loading. The installation was complicated by the 30 degree rake of the transom, making the transom-mounted hinge unworkable. I contacted Bennett customer service and shipped the tabs and hinges to their shop in Florida. I had them back, custom- fitted with a bottom-mount hinge, and on the boat in a week. The results have been superb. The boat rises quickly to plane, and lateral stability has been greatly improved. Thanks, Bennett Marine, for a great product and excellent, personalized service."

Stuart Anderson
Otego, NY

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“My dad bought this boat when I was a kid and I hoped that one day it would be mine. Well, now it is. But after 24 years of good times, I’ve had to replace every system on the boat . . . except one: The original Bennett Trim Tabs.”

Anthony Chiaponne
Delray Beach, FL

“This 1980 Crestliner has lived a good life. I completely restored this boat and replaced just about everything on it except for one – the Bennett Trim Tabs. I don’t believe there is anything more durable on a boat.”

Bill Mundy
Leesburg, FL

“I bought this project boat in 2001. I replaced the transom, gas tank, live well, deck, steering, electronics, T-Top and console. The only thing original with this boat is the hull and the Bennett Trim Tabs.”

Ken McGovern
Cooper City, FL

“With our dad’s help we started a complete redesign and rebuild of a 1973 Seabird. The motor, deck, transom, steering, instrumentation . . . everything was replaced. Except for one, the original Bennett Trim Tabs.”

Cameron Bradbeer and Chris Bradbeer
Reddington Beach, FL

“The original Bennett Trim Tabs on my 1973 SeaCraft work perfectly, even after 34 years of use in saltwater. No one makes a product this durable or stands behind their customers like Bennett.”

Captain Ron Green
Islamorada, FL

“I’ve been fishing the Northeast for over 35 years. Every boat I’ve owned has had Bennett Trim Tabs. My last set lasted 17 years and was still working perfectly when I sold my boat.”

Steve Vassallo
Foxboro, MA

“Once they’re installed correctly, you never have to think about them. Unlike other tabs, you don’t worry about problems with barnacle growth, maintenance or winter storage. Unless physically damaged, they last forever.”

Michael Cote, Parts Dept.
Norwest Marine

“As a small boat charter captain, there are three things that can never fail . . . your truck, your trailer and your boat. If you see Bennett on a boat, it’s a good bet that everything else was chosen for the same reasons. No one makes a better product or stand behind their owners like Bennett.”

Captain Pete Silot
Cooper City, FL

“My story isn’t that unusual. A complete rebuild – stern to stern, from engine to bow eye. With one exception, the original Bennett Trim Tabs. You measure the useful life of most marine products in months, at most, years. With Bennett, it’s decades.”

Bob Miller
Fort Myers, FL

"We have a 22-foot Hewes Searunner. We had problems with the boat leaning to one side or the other depending on the load or people moving around on the boat. Now with the Bennett trim tabs it is not a problem. With a push of a button we can level the boat easily. We are very happy with system and the company behind the trim tabs."

Greg & Kim Litchfield

"When I needed replacement tabs for my Tiara, they suggested I call Bennett directly. Within 10 minutes my tabs were on the way and I was going about the rest of my day. Great customer service, thanks Sandra!"

Captain Josh Keeran
Racine, WI

"I have been in retail for 22 years and I know good customer service when I see it. I have not seen this good a service in a long time. I purchased a cruiser which had the HPU missing. The fact that I am new to boating did not help, but what did help was the Bennett staff and in particular Mr. M.J. Thomas. Through a series of emails I am now enjoying a faster, more fuel efficient ride. Thanks Bennett and all your staff."

Dante Snaider
Marina del Ray, CA

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"This Riviera 48-foot S/F "Bone Cutter" came with Boat Leveler trim tabs and actuators. The problem was when the rear fuel tank is full, the 46" x 8" tabs were too small to handle the load, so we were always cruising with the tabs fully extended, plus I have had to repair the exposed tubing on the rams several times. I had the 4 pockets filled in at Playboy Marine and installed Bennett 48" x 12" tabs complete with new rams. We splashed the boat and had her out in the ocean; now the stern pops out of the water and the boat handles much better. Great equipment guys, keep up the good work."

Tom Lee
Fort Lauderdale, FL