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Trim Tab Simulator

Take a ride in our virtual demo boat!

Click here to download

Note: this full feature simulator
is a 12.5 MB download

Directions for using the Boat Simulator

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Opening Screen

As you can see, there are several buttons. You can go to the Bennett Web Site, view our trim tab video, watch an automated demo, and then go to the full simulator.
Use the simulator to see how trim tabs work and what they can do for the boat.

Graphics Problems

If you have problems with the graphics on your computer when you start the program it could be because your video card can't handle the complex graphics. Move your cursor to the top of the screen, that will open the control buttons. Open "Options", select "Graphics" and then change the Sea and Land surfaces to "simple".

Simulator Demo

The Demo will walk you through the simulator and the effects on the boat in different conditions. Just sit back and watch.


Mouse Control: The mouse controls the throttle and Rocker Switch Control. The right hand button rotates the point of view.

Throttle: The boat will go bow high when you increase speed.

Rocker Switch Control: Place the cursor between the keys to make both tabs work at the same time.

Arrow Keys or the Mouse: To steer the boat.

F1: Pilot View F2: Chase View

Messages: A text message will appear that tells you if you are bow high, over-trimmed, or listing to port or starboard

Trim Tabs and Boat Reactions

Boat Speed: When your boat is properly trimmed, watch the speedometer-your speed will increase!

Boat Reaction: Trim the boat at moderate speed. Increase your speed and the boat will over-trim. Trim the boat for high speed then reduce speed. The bow will rise. Use your trim tabs to compensate!

Control Panels

You can change the sound levels, the weather conditions, view or access help for the program.

Creating a List

Use the Viewpoint to add passengers and create a list to port or starboard. Then correct for the list using your Trim Tabs.

Weather and Conditions

Use the Options key to change the weather and sea conditions