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Hatch Lifter Cylinder

 Product Name: Hatch Lifters
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Product Description
Using proven hydraulic technology, Bennett Hatch Lifter Systems raise hatches at the push of a button. The operation is quiet, smooth and responsive with no cylinder drift.

Retrofit Hatch Lifting Systems can be operated by the Trim Tab Hydraulic Power Unit. Kits are complete with all necessary hardware, tubing and fittings for simple Hatch Lifter installations. Independent Systems include the Trim Tab Hydraulic Power Unit. Independent Dual Acting Systems also available for applications that need a return “pull and hold” feature.

Hatch Lifter cylinder features:
• Single cylinder has about 250 lbs. of vertical lifting capability
• ¾-inch diameter stainless steel shaft, inside a black anodized aluminum cylinder
• Standard stroke is 18 inches with 12- and 24-inch strokes also available
• Dual cylinder systems can move simultaneously or independently

Click here for a list of hatch lifter kits and replacement parts.

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